Da Yeastar Update Firmware per VoIP PBX S-Serie

After months of research, development, and testing, we are very proud to announce the new firmware update version for S-Series VoIP PBX has now been released. Packed with an unprecedented list of added supports, optimizations and bug fixes, the new firmware has also arrived with a brand-new Multisite Interconnect Feature, to deliver more economical and efficient branch office solution.
Highlights for the Great Leaps of the New Version:
Multisite Interconnect Feature:

Connect and organize your branch offices in an easier way.


ITSP Configuration Template:
Select from a list of compatible ITSPs and configure ITSP quickly.


cHar utile h+ Integration App:

Enhanced security with IP access control for shared files.

System Prompt:

English, Korean, and Hebrew prompt updated.


Billing App:

Better user call control when the balance is insufficient.


Hotel App:
Optimized wake-up call system and issues fixed.

There are many more added supports, system optimization and bug fixes.
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